Dynamo Data Text in Revit Background Preview?

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to see the indexes available to us when selecting a list in Dynamo in the Revit viewport? I’m talking about making those same index numbers visible in the Dynamo Background in the Revit Background Preview? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Arek,

This is quite doable with the “Text.FromStringOriginAndScale” node from the “Dynamo Text” package, tho the end solution will mostly depend on your list structure:


That did it! Thanks @Dimitar :slight_smile:

Is it possible to change this text to vertical?

I notice that when I run a graph with this node, a preview is also created in Revit. I’m not sure exactly what is created in Revit is, because i cannot select it. Even after I close Dynamo, the preview remains visible in Revit until a close the project and open it back up again. Is this the expected behavior?