Text From String duplicates multiple times

Hello ,
I tried to create Text from String using Text.fromstringoriginandScale node , while creating the output it duplicates multiple times .
Could someone help me to understand why it duplicates

@skot what happens if you set the Lacing to Auto?

Hi @skot,

The node doesn’t actually create duplicates :slight_smile:
If you look closely at the output you can see that only Curves are created. These Curves represent the text you put into the “text”-input.

For example “1” is not being put out as a single object with this node, but as multiple Curves, possibly something like this (colors for illustration purposes):

In this case these curves are all straight lines, but for example with the 0 you probably get some elipses in there aswell. Then from these Curves you could work further to create, for example, surfaces per letter/ number.

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@Daan is correct.
Also, try connecting those cluster of lines to Polycurves.FromCurves. It’ll return them back into a L2 list.
If that’s your concern.

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