String from object problem when I import data from excel

Hello everyone,

Data has failed if I manipulate data used with read as a string node.
Could you please help me to get data without “,” as a string.

Thank you .

Hello @eness.gun ,could number to string from spring help you?

What is this package name ?

spring nodes

Thank you but I have different problem about to == node.
What do you think about it ? Why are all element output are false ?

If that’s not what you were expecting then I’d guess it’s an issue with list levels. Are the lists the exact same? How are you trying to order them? We can’t give you much help if we don’t know what you’re after.

And as an FYI, the reason you’re getting trailing zeros on your string conversion is because the numbers are stored as doubles. If you convert the doubles to integers (I suggest Math.Floor) they will convert without the trailing zeros.

Yes very importent is the same objecttype…you need cross product i think…

I have solved this program with basic python code.
If we create set from list that can solve.