Temporary isolate items with specific parameter value

Hi Everybody,

i’m very new to Dynamo and it is hard for me allthough i have already programmed a few things. I think it is because i do not want to create new geometry, but check existing geometry. And all of the Helps and Tutorials are about creating fantastic forms. So if you know about some Tutorials or something about checking existing models, please let me know.

My first attempt is, to select components with specific parameter value and then isolate them temporary. I was succesful to put the required components into a list. But the custom node ‘Element.TemporarilyIsolateInView’ let disappear all the content of my model. Can anybody help me please?

Here is my ‘code’:


Hi Gregor


When I sorting lists, then I prefere to handle the list as a string. I made you a small sample that does the job for me.


Temporay hide


Hope you will have good succes with the script, and please let me know if you have any qustions.



Hi Palle,

works fine so far, thank you. Should this work with Shared Parameters an Typeparameters as well? On my example it seems not to work because Parameter Value is NULL.


Ah solved it myself…when i use the clockwork node ‘Element.Type’ before reading Parameters it all works fine…but unfortunately I do not understand why this is necessary :frowning: