Tags Family. change Label's parameters



Hello dears,

is there a way to access to the label’s parameter in a family. so i can set values to the size and text font ?


Try this:

Edit: That didnt help i realised… you want to change the Text size inside the system family?


hi @Schasfoortyoeri
thanks for reply, yes this won’t help, i want to edit the text size in the label inside room Tag family


@Kulkul @Dimitar_Venkov @JacobSmall

guys is this possible ?


It should be doable but not very straight forward. I’d imagine you’ll have to use the family document open nodes found in Orchid or Rhythm, use a collector on the resulting document file, get the label elements, change their parameters, and re-load the family.


Thanks Dimitar … i will try that


Yes… I have nodes for this. I think i cover most of what is needed for families.


yes, it is a brilliant package @erfajo … thanks you