Editing labels in multiple Tag families


i’m trying to change the standard text height in our tag file. Our tag file contains 227 different families so one at a time is not an option. In the past i’ve already succeeded to change the font inside all those families with a python script i found somewhere.

I’m already able to collect, filter and acces the families but to collect the labels or even labeltypes within the Tag family seems impossible.

can anyone help me with this or is it a lost cause?

Hi @b.aarntzen and welcome, try this, hope it helps: (Clockwork, Orchid, and Rhythm packages are used)

Thank you @tradelie ,too bad it didnt work. it doesnt give any errors or warnings and it even shows all the elements it has “adjusted” but nothing changed.

is a label in a tag a textelement?

@b.aarntzen yes it is a textElement, from my side it did work, if you edit the family you will see the parameter did change, the thing is loading the background opened families back to the project’s environment, that is why i use a passthrough node, try to manually select a bunch of these tags and run Dynamo, maybe it will work for you…From my side, I did test it on one family and it did work fine.
Edit: Try to run the graph first without loading the families, this way the parameters will get changed, then run again to load the families (hook connectors, then unhook them, or freeze the family.load run the script, freeze the Setparameter node then run the script, without the passthrough node)…hope it helps