Accessing Parameters Within a Label

I seem to be having an issue with accessing or editing the type parameters within a label. Since a “Label” is not listed as an element, family or category, how are we expected to edit the text parameters? A label has been given the name “Other,” which does not seem to be filterable. I keep getting a null result for any type parameter associated with labels. Anyone else having this issue? if so, has anyone found a way to call out the label parameters?

Which parameters are you trying to modify. I believe we answered this on this post. here’s an example of modifying a type parameter of a label.


My example above does it for all label and text notes in the family though. So you will have to filter by name if you want to be more specific.


You can also use > select model element > element.type (Rhythm) > and get the textelement type element from the list


Yes my apologies. I already knew this. What I meant to address was the ability to override the label by driving the parameter within a project environment. From what I have been told there is no way to edit the family parameters within a project environment yet. The most popular answer so far is to use a recording macro to automate the following process:

  • Open family

  • Activate Dynamo

  • Access dyn file

  • run process

  • save family

  • close dyn

  • close family

There must be a way to tell dynamo to go through the whole family list within a project and apply the intended parameter edit to each family.

I see what you mean. On the other thread Andreas mentioned it doesn’t seem possible. I would use a macro recorder and have it repeat x number of times on open families.