Tag offset, vector and coordinate system

I have searched the forums but i couldn’t really find what i was looking for.

I wanna place tag and give them an offset (i.e. 500mm) using a script.

But when an element is rotated the tag ‘shifts’ a little. How do i prevent this?

I know the ‘problem’ is the coordinate system in combination with my rotated object.

It is probably pretty simple, but at the moment i dont see it.
Who can point me in the right direction / topic?

Hi @bvs1982 ,

I think you should look into the origin point and the text size of your tag.
If the origin point is on the lower left corner changes in the text or size will change the position.

Just check the insertion point and cross hear point of that “tag” family.

I think i should be more clear.

I sort of want what is in bold below :point_down:.

but with an offset so the tag is in the same place regardless of the elements rotation.

This is a similar topic, but i couldn’t find a solution there.

I also think Vector.ByCoordinates is not the way to go, but might be wrong there.

I could, of course, make a tag with different offsets (in the Family), but that is not what i want…