Tagging generic model with a specific generic model tag

Hi guys,

I’m new at this. I’m hoping someone could help me.

I have 2 things I’d like to accomplish. First is to tag all trapeze generic model with generic model tag. Second is to renumber the last part of that tag from L4-600 to L4-001 (top left) to L4-XXX (bottom right).

Part 1:

What’s the best way to tag a generic model (trapeze) with a certain generic model tag (Trapeze TOS)?

I’d like to do this on the current view (not all on this level).

Part 2:

I’d like to reassign the number from top left to bottom right. Thank you in advance!


How far did you go with the script? Where are you stuck?

Hi Azubike,

I’m not sure where to start. I think I’ll need to get the generic annotations category, get a string parameter value, specify its value…

I’m thinking perhaps it’s easier to program dynamo to export the schedule, then program it to import the changed data back to Revit using dynamo. I’ll see if I can find topics on doing it. Thanks.