Copy Generic Model Tags | Find a way to show generic model tags without the actual objects

Hi everyone,
I need your help, again :slight_smile:

I wish to show some generic model tags in my floor plan, but without the actual element it is attached to. Is there a way to reach this without dynamo? If I hide the object (f.ex. a cutout, the tag always dissapears with it.


For this reason I think about creating a second family which works as a detail element and reads the same information from the cutout via script as the generic model family does automatically via shared parameters. Then I would place this family at every position the current generic model tags are placed right now. Then I would hide the cutout instances (and their corresponding tags).

Does this make sense at all, or do you have a better idea? This does not seem like the best solution to me :frowning:

The element must be “visible” in the view in order to be tagged, however, the geometry does not. If you can keep something in the family so that the element remains in the view you can then turn off all visible geometry/annotation to the element and still tag it. You can do it pretty easily with Invisible Lines.

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My current problem is, that the project is already running and they need the objects to be visible in one view, but not the other. When making the lines invisible for the object with a boolean in the family, that would not be possible?

I may be mistaken, but I think Disabling a sub-category for the specific geometry would allow view specific control.

If that fails, you could also recreate the tags as a text note or generic annotation. These will not be parametric so make use of element binding for updates and/or only push the data into the view once.


As @JacobSmall suggested you’ll have to use a subcategory so you can control visibility at the view level.