Tagging Attempts Cause Revit to Crash with Fatal Error

I have a problem where I cannot get all the elements in any of my views tagged. I created one Specialty equipment tag and a few category tags, but they fail at the actual Tag creation node. I’ve tried almost all the OTB nodes, which would crash my Revit when run, and I used the modded version from https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/tag-textnote-multi-category-elements/9592/6, but it only works for one of the views. Any other projects or views using this style of file all crash at the Tagging node. They also crash when trying to read all the elements. As a note, I believe it’s either going to be the particular view settings or the fact that many of these families are nested. Not sure what the node (and Revit) don’t like.

My problem was much simpler than I thought. There were many families which did not even have a tag parameter, and when Revit got to those elements, it would crash the program. For a while, I didn’t get any errors from a specific tag creator on one view, but it was because all the elements in the view had the tag parameter. Since then, I have changed the script to filter out ALL elements which do not have the specified parameter for either equipment or the multi-category tag.

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