Categories node Tag collector crashing revit & Dynamo

Hello there,

Using Dynamo and Revit 2016 I am having problems when collecting window tags to read tag text with categories “window tags” and All Elements of Category node:

  1. If tagged elements are in a linked file I get ‘failed to get tagged parameter’
  2. if tagged elements are local it directly crashes revit.

Is there any known problem with this way of collecting tags?

Thanks in advance

Try turning off the background preview. It may be crashing because of the text preview.

Thanks John.
Tried your suggestion but same thing goes on. It directly crashed dynamo & revit.
I only have the categories and all elements of category nodes in the definition. Nothing else…

Hi @i.pajares

Try restarting your PC.

Ha ha, you sound like Roy Trenneman in the IT Crowd… And yes: I checked that the power cord is plugged in :wink:

This has been going on for days in different computers and different OSes (7 64 and 10 64)

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I have been getting the same problem with both reading the tag information in and trying to create them. I’m using category and multi-category tags which I created, but in Dynamo, my Revit crashes every time it passes through any of the Tag.By… Nodes, including the one made by ArchiLab. I am also using Revit 2016, but on Dynamo 1.3.