Tag Stairs - Life Safety Tag

I’m having a problem getting the TagLocation for a Create Annotation Tag node using the Element.Location node. I’m guessing it’s because stairs don’t have an insertion point. Any recommendations for a replacement node to achieve this?


Try getting the stair runs instead. If that doesn’t work, deconstruct the geometry and try with a midpoint of the walking surface of the landing.

Thanks. Getting the runs didn’t work. I’m not sure what you mean by deconstruct the geometry.

Get the geometry of the stairs, find the walking surfaces (they have a normal at the 0.5,0.5 point that has a z component of 1), find the landing (largest area of the remaining surfaces), find the point at 0.5,0.5.

If you want the tag to be mid stair you can try and find the midpoint if the run.

Post your DYN and a sample RVT (stairs are difficult to reproduce consistently as there are just too many ways to make them) and I can look into this in a non-hypothetical way.

Thanks for the reply. I got it working.

Glad to hear!

Can you post your solution soothers can learn from your struggle?

Certainly can on Monday. It was Amy’s last reply that solved it.