Place stairpaths

I am struggling for a while with these stairpaths, so hopefully someone can help me. In every view we have to tag the stair with a stairpath to show the direction of it. In Dynamo i did not find a way with the available Nodes. Maybe one of you can help me. iI should be something like:

  • Get all stairs in Active view
  • tag these stairs with a stair path

Kind regards

See this for a start:

Thanx for the reply.
Actually this stair path annotation reads the stair path line in the sketch of the stair
and tags this with an up/down arrow. The annotation will be auto-placed on the same line of the sketch.

Could you attach a screenshot of your graph?

There is a stair path creation method in the Revit API, so something should be doable:

For people who are interested in this script to automate placing stairpaths in view:
Create Stair Paths by View.dyn (9.1 KB)

for stair in stairs:
	stairid = LinkElementId(stair.Id)
	newpath = Autodesk.Revit.DB.Architecture.StairsPath.Create(doc, stairid, pathid, doc.ActiveView.Id)

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