Tag second electrical connector: ancient problem

Hi all,
I read a lot of topic about this issue.
I have a simply electrcial device and a simply panel.
Mi device has two connector, a normal practice for engineers:

  • lighting with normal circuit and emergency.
  • Turret for office on floor
  • A lot of hospital device
    I connect the connector 1 to the panel and the connect the connector 2.

But then i need to print my sheet. And people like electrician have to read circuit in a normal worksite.
So i use tags. Like all human people.

So, i know that i can tag wires or nest family…but we can’t tag second electrical connector today?
Or insert a tag with dynamo for this poor second connector?

It’s really funny that we can create a second connector, connect it to a panel, give it a lot of parameter…and no tag it?

I have seen more complex desires about dynamo and revit…

Today (2022) we have some solution?

Thanks all for the patient.