Tag 2nd Electrical Circuit on Device - extract value to new parameter

Ok, so here I have another issue with Revit when it comes to multiple circuits on one element. I have a receptacle that has 2 circuit connectors built in within the family. I now circuit both connectors and Revit can do this, however, the “Circuit Number” parameter within the family can only display the first connected circuit and not the second. I created a Dyanmo workspace that shows the second circuit connector is not anywhere to be found within the element, however Revit is doing something with this number I just can’t find how to extract it.

Image here is showing the “Connector Description” within family. Note the 2 in this field is not the 2 I want too extract, this is simply coincidence

This image shows the Element Circuit and properties

this image shows the panel schedule with the two circuits

this is the dynamo workspace and you will notice that only 1 circuit number parameter appears

Here is the Receptacle Family
Duplex Receptacle.rfa (316 KB)

any help is appreciated thanks.

bumping this post to see if anyone has any thoughts on accomplishing how to view and tag a second circuit on an electrical device?

@Bill_Wright Could you provide a Revit file with the Duplex Receptacle and circuits.
People like me are ignorant about electrical circuits. Could play with a file and try to find a solution though.

I appreciate the reply. The forum does not allow files over 3mb and after cleaning my RVT completely the file will not go any smaller than 3.9mb. I am thinking DynamoBIM needs to accept a larger file size.

Link to file uploaded on Dropbox, Google Drive?

If that is so, consider making a suggestion in the Site Feedback Category

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or, create in the default Revit project to make file size even smaller?

So in my engineering firm, the standard practice in this situation is to create home runs off each separate Electrical Connector, tag the home runs for " ‘Panel’ - ‘Circuit Number’ ",

then adjust the home run lengths so they are only only dots at the base of the Receptacle symbol (once the home runs are short enough, they no longer show an arrowhead).

Once you zoom out from the symblol, the wires will disappear from view.
5) Receptacle tagged


If you are just looking to tag both circuits on this receptacle then that should be enough.

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Thank you Bryan I would agree this is a good workaround and works. I would like Autodesk to integrate a dialog box or something that appears when circuiting and allow me to choose which tag I would like to place. I would also like to see if I have 2 circuits in my family that the Instance properties shows the two circuits and the information. I have sent these as feature requests.

Thank you for the reply.


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This is what we do as well. For some of our families that don’t inherently have two connectors, we place an Electrical Connector family and tag it as the second circuit separately. The problem is that Revit only allows one primary power connector per family and that primary connector is what gets associated with the family tag. There are some cases where we even create the second connector as a different (non-power) connector type so that it can be tagged in other situations, but I believe this only works for certain circumstances.