How to add door tag to a linked door


Hello, this is my first post so please go easy on me. Basically I’m trying to create a door tag from a linked arch model into my electrical model. The error I’m getting is that the element to tag does not exist, which makes sense since its not in the file I’m pointing at, but I can’t seem to figure out the element ID associated to my current electrical file to tag. The end goal is to update the marked value on my electrical model so that it includes both the door tag and the hardware associated to each door. Let me know if I need to provide more information, thanks!


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Could you please drop rvt files? Thanks!


Unfortunately due to some restrictions I can’t post the actual rvt file, but I set up my own test one. This is actually my second attempt because I was playing around with the coordinate system and noticed everything was off. Back to the original problem though. I have an Elec model that I’m running dynamo on with an arch file linked in. When I try to run the script it returns an error telling me there is no “elemtotag”, which makes sense because there is no Unique ID associated to the element in the Elec model. How do I get around this issue so I can tag the doors in only the Elec model? I have attached the Revit files(they were large so the only way I knew it attach them was through google drive) and the dynamo script that I’m running. Also I’m unable to keep them linked together so when you first open the Elec model you have to re-link the arch one, thanks!
tagging linked doors.dyn (12.0 KB)


Does anybody have an answer?