Tag Leader and Leader Shoulder Control - "Create Annotation Node"


Hi All,

Further to Konrad’s post on his blog about controlling the specific disposition of a tag’s location, I have been researching a workflow which would allow up to use orthogonal polylines to show tags akin to this manual process:















Is there an extension to the ‘Create Annotation Node’ which can control the leader’s shoulder?

I’m a newbie (go easy) but I’m imagining the definition would be something along the lines of below, however, this does not address, a) Leader Shoulder, and b), the tag-tag relationship and spacing as earlier mentioned here on the forums

I have researched editing our annotation tag family to include an orthogonal polyline before the label: as this would enable use of the OOTB Tag All by category function.








However, we cannot constrain a parameter driven label… and this renders the instance parameters sub-optimal.

A Revit Add-in application has been developed by BIM32 which functions to align annotations which expedites the manual process of tagging an elevation.


Any help to develop or direction towards further research I should look at would be much appreciated.



Thanks again for these forums and the excellent opportunity to learn which they embody.