Table Cloth by Hyun Woo Kim (Physics in Revit)

Hello guys,

We have found this amazing graph from Hyun Woo Kim

To create cloth modifier within in Dynamo

When I run the graph, the first node to retrieve data from the collider does not work and I think it might be because of the dynamo version this was created and the one I am using 1.3.4.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Dyn attached.

TableCloth.dyn (45.8 KB)

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maybe you can try this

Thanks Marcel,

That workflow could help but it works slightly different

To be honest I am very curious to know why that code block isn’t working.

in your codeblock you have 3 inputs you only give it 1?

sure the other two variables depend on the first input.
This could be the issue, that now the syntax need to be different.

Start with the associated nodes not direct code blocks, then use node to code. This should solve things quick.

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Thanks Jacob,

I will try that, I though it’d be something you guys more familiar with syntax would spot immediately.

It is related to the packages installed on your PC, not that you’re missing packages but that you have multiple packages using similar syntax

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Syntax varies, based on what packages you have installed and your Dynamo version, so I would have to duplicate your environment first.

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You are right Jonathan,

I have modified the packages path, cero packages.

Now that codeblock works, but I have the problem on this other one.

Any ideas why?

Having a look at the syntax the vector of the profile seems to be normal to the path,

so not sure why isn’t working.

Any ideas why this node is not behaving and how can we solve it?

Hard to say without seeing what is fed into it or knowing the graph

Thank you very much Jonathan,

In case you had a minute to look at the graph, it is attached at the top of the thread.

Thanks again

It only works if the collider is a circle.