Writing multiple values not behaving

Hey all

I’m bit confused on why my definition is not working (likely an obvious reason)
I created a fairly large definition in Dynamo v1.3 to run in Revit 2017 for Room Data Sheet automation and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately the person i was making it for told me they were using the most up to date version of Dynamo, but was actually still on like 0.9 (yay) I had to spend a bit of time backwards engineering it to work on 0.9 and 1.2.1, once i did, it just seems to bug out and give me a “The virtual server that dynamo uses isnt working properly” error. This happened on a few machines so im assuming it was the definition.

Anyway. Ive attached a section of the definition. This section takes 6 parameter values from the rooms within the project and feeds them into 6 shared parameters to be used for Room data sheets (room number, GUID, volume etc.) The definition seems to always miss out one of the parameters and just feeds back a “null” value in the last node and i cannot figure out why.


any help is appreciatedSetRevitValues.dyn (13.1 KB)

Hi @Alisder_Brown

Is your parameter names list structure matching with your values list structure? Could you show us watch node at List.Transpose and parameter names.

Sory, added another after transpose

Try this:

def wrap(e:var, par:var[], val:var[]){
e.SetParameterByName(par, val);
return = e;
wrap(e, p, v);

Thanks man

That works a treat! I just removed my Transpose node and fed into the design script.

Its an area i need to look into, always impressed when i see it being used

Thanks again :slight_smile: