Parametric Brick Wall


Hi all, I am looking to create the parametric wall like that ( picture ). However, some functions are disappeared in the Dynamo for Revit 2018. I need the help. Thanks

And the tutorial is here


Can you upload an image of what you have made for 2018? Easier to help fix one issue at a time when you get stuck than redo the entire thing for you.


Thanks, I am working on



@nqkarc I would suggest maybe going about this a different way. While that post was a great way of doing it there are more options these days. That post was using parameters to drive visibility which can get messy. Rather than do that we can use Empty and Solid panels within a curtain wall.

Essentially we can build a list of solid and empty panels and use that instead.

Here is my Revit sample: brickExample.rvt (1.6 MB)

And my Dynamo graph: randomBricks.dyn (15.6 KB)

I hope this at least leads you in a similar direction that you were looking for. The thought process is definitely there.


Hi John, thank you very much. However, I have a small problem with this, can you help me to look that?


That red node is available in Clockwork.


Thank John for your help. However, It does not work on Revit 2018, Clockwork cannot run in the newest version of Dynamo.


:thinking: what version of clockwork did you install? And what version of Dynamo are you running?

Here is mine:


it is what I am using now.


It should work. But if it does not, I imagine you have some older stuff installed. Right off hand, it seems like the following needs removed.

  • Return list or single value


Thank John, I will double check all of that


I have just reinstalled it, do I need to get the other support packages for dynamo?




You need to remove those package folders from your appdata location. Some packages have dependencies and must have brought those with them.


Thanks. I solved the mistake with the open Dynamo file. However, the final function does not work. Can you help me to look through it. So sorry, this is the first time I work with Dynamo.


Thank John. Finally, it works after I close and open it .