System Name Label

I am trying to create a plumbing riser tag. The label for ‘System Name’ will give me the abbreviation of the system type and a number: CW 3, HW 8, HW 9, etc.

I want to remove the first 3 characters so it just reads the number to the label: 3, 8, 9, etc.
Therefore I can create a riser tag circle with P at the top and the system’s number at the bottom regardless of the plumbing designer selecting the cold water, hot water, or hot water return of the riser.

Thank you!

What have you tried so far?

I googled every keyword I can think of and I don’t know what im looking for… I’m new to this so I just need some bread crumbs and a direction. If there is something I can read that would be great.

Did you try searching within the library? There’s a node called String.Remove which should be what you’re looking for.

I would also highly recommend you go through the Dynamo Primer. It’s incredibly helpful for learning the basics.


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I came up with this set up below and I can’t rename the parameter. Also I don’t think this way is what i’m looking for because then the user needs to run this dynamo to rename the ‘System Name’ parameter. Is there a better way?

I believe you would have to create a new parameter and use that instead. I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the System Name like that.