Length Calculations - Floor Edges Only


I am new to Dynamo so please ignore me if I’m doing something wrong. I am adding a “small” wall around the edge of a modelled floor, which is working fine. I am trying to calculate the length of the small wall by pulling the Curve.Length from the Edge.CurveGeometry, using Math.Round and adding all values together in Math.Sum.

The problem is, when viewing the list in the Curve.Length node, it’s including the depth of the modelled slab which I don’t want, I just want the perimeter so give me an overall length.

Any idea on how to get these values and export into a Excel Spreadsheet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried filtering the surfaces you get after Element.Geometry based on their areas, so you only get one main surface ?
You could use Surface.Area and sort the list.



How about this?

If you double click into the node you can see what the code is doing…
Clockwork also has a Surface.FilterByOrientation, which can then be sorted in a similar way.
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