Syntex Error, can you see it?


I can not isolate Elements. Either there no ones? or it is a syntex-error regarding DesignScript!

is it looking for a list?



Hi @Draxl_Andreas Which node are you trying to write in Designscript?

The error states: I cannot find a function called “View.IsolateElementsTemporary” in the namespace “Revit.Elements.Views”.

When I look in the Dynamo Library (I am using Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6.1, but I don’t see this function either?


Note: you cannot use functions from the Revit API directly in designscript, you’ll need to use a Python node.


I think i have a package missing, but which one?

Ah you are trying to use a custom node.

From which package is this node?

Archi-lab works
Why can i not call it via design-script?
Clockwork is also running!

You can call custom nodes in design script. But you need to refer to the right node in the right namespace.

For DynaMEP it is the one below

How to find this? There are 2 ways:
First method:

  1. Search for the node you want to use in the Dynamo Library
  2. Click the Class below it. e.g. “Element”
  3. Look where the node is placed

Second method:

  1. Place the node and select it
  2. Right click NOT on the node, but beside the node in the clear
  3. Click “NodeToCode”, this will also show the namespace for Designscript

Can i not use it as a “one liner” like in a bad

RevitModel.Element.IsolateElementsTemporary(Document.ActiveView(Document.Current), elements);

it still does not work

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Yes you can do it in one line, but i would never advise this, mainly because the intire line is not visible in one code block

isolatedElement = RevitModel.Element.IsolateElementsTemporary( elementsToIsolate, Document.ActiveView(Document.Current));
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For any reason it hidding all? what could be the cause for that?
it is selecting elements but the revit-view is emty?

You now use “Isolate elements temporarely”, so it isolates the elements you provide. If you want to Hide the Elements, you need to use another function.