Isolate element in the view

Hi everyone,

I am using archi-lab package for isolating the elements and when i am using collect element by category the system stuck but if i use select model elements it working !!! please check the picture below.

anybody can explain this ??

Note. same elements been fed to the isolating node.


Hi @Mohammad_Nawar, does Dynamo come up with any kind of errormessage?

Nope just keep running forever, can you test it ?
i want to check if i’m only facing the issue

You’re not - mine is doing the same.

Really weird check the picture below.

Maybe @Konrad_K_Sobon could have a solution here since it is one of his nodes :slight_smile:

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The == node doesn’t typically work for Elements. Try “Equals” with Obj A and Obj to check for sure.

Also, try changing the Lacing to longest and see if that help.

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The reason that Categories>All Elements of Category workflow freezes while the Select Model Elements works fine is that All Elements of Category node has an ElementChanged event attached to it. Every time some element in the Revit model changes, it will trigger that node to recalculate, and force recalculation downstream from it. Because your next node is modifying elements in Revit, it will create an infinite loop.

Change your Dynamo mode to Manual from Automatic. That will stop it from re-executing all the time.


Thank you @Konrad_K_Sobon for the clarification, i believe these new changes because i used to run the script on automatic mode and still the isolating working fine. So there is noway to run the script using python or something and keep it automatic mode just out of curiosity ?

Mhmmmm, this has been a known issue with some of these nodes that use that event. I can’t think of a fix from top of my head. Maybe someone else has some ideas.

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Hi @Mohammad_Nawar

There is one way use Periodic mode but bear in mind that Periodic mode will re-execute the entire graph - so if it’s heavy, it may be a slow approach while it calculates (:warning: Run at your own risk)

@Konrad_K_Sobon How about periodic :point_up_2: