Switching titleblock families on selected sheets

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I have project with over 800 sheets and we need to change the titleblock family on roughly 50 of these. I had a go at a script but I’m get a “false” result everything. Can anyone spot what I’m missing or doing wrong.

Im trying to filter the sheets with the ‘approved by’ because it is a value that we don’t use in practice.

I also tried using the View.SwitchTitleblock from BVN but it didn’t either.

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For the first script, check if the familyinstance input is a flat list (otherwise use a list flatten node) and set lacing to longest on your last node. (It’s always a good habbit to show the data bubles beneath the most critical nodes (like you did with the last node) if you post a picture of a graph. It makes it a little easier to see what’s going on for the comunity)

For the second script you haven’t given the graph any input (or you didn’t post a picture of that). Replace the nodes called input with a familytypes node, as in the first graph, and with a string that is in the name of the sheets and is unique to only the sheets you want to change the titleblock for.

you need to add FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType for Family instance. as in below.

Thank you d.kuurman and thank you for the advice!

I’m going to ignore the second script for now. I think I followed your suggestions but I’m still getting a false value.


is it above graph worked?

Hi Vijay - there above graph didn’t work - in the last bubble it is still coming out false!

If I do your way - all the sheets change but I only want some sheets to change.


I just shown the way…not the solution…:slight_smile:

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Hi James!

This workflow works for me.
You’ll get the false output because, you don’t feed the FamilyInstance.SetType-node with an element but a string. See my image below.
Hope it works :slight_smile:

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Hi NicSass!

That’s it exactly! Thank you so much!

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