Switch back option Excel to Revit

I am try to explain what I am plan to do,
Everyone knows switch back option in Navies to Revit. I plan to use switch back option Excel to Revit.
Usually in a clash report we already get the object “Element ID” number, and it represent this two “Element ID” have clash with each other and sometime people are use “Manage tab > Inquiry panel > (Select by ID)” to find this element in Revit, and one step ahead some user use “Isolate Elements in a 3D View with a Selection Box” to healthy way.
Gentlemen is it possible, how I can use this clash report “Element ID” in Microsoft Excel as hyperlink with “Revit Element ID”, so one click in excel “Element ID” is highlighted clash area same as Switch back Navis to revit.
• Get the clash report in “.html” format from Naviswork.
• Use the data in “Microsoft Excel” and manage clash representation as you like.
• Now plan to use excel “Clash Element ID” hyperlinked with Revit “Element ID” so when someone click this Excel clash ID automatically Revit open and use the section box to show only this element. (This process is fully done one click in excel like hyperlink.)

I know this is irregular request but reason behind this appeal is simple, multiple user without having Naviswork can verify and resolve their clash base on single Microsoft Excel Clash report.

I believe “Dynamo” or extra “Macro Add-in” can solve this issue easily because if switch back option is working in Navis then absolutely anyone have solution to achieve this task.

Note:- Ones again it is not only data transfer revit to excel or excel to revit.


Sound interesting. Have you got it to work?