Sweep length

Good morning,

i’m working on a graph and part of it need the length of a sweep. (not created in dynamo)

i can see the parameter in revit but cant quite work out how to access it via dynamo please see the image

If any one could help me out with this that would be great.


Hi Tom,

@Tom_Denby Are you looking to get sweep length inside family editor?


I have a number of sweeps in my model and I want to get the length of them and put it in to another parameter, the bit I’m finding hard to get my head around is the bit you have done so thank you… would you be willing to share the .Dyn or the python script please?

thanks for you help

You don’t need python if your trying to get sweep length from your revit model. My example above is only for family Editor. For project you can try as shown below example for duct fittings elements. Formula to get sweep length is {2Math.PICenterRadius/(360/Angle)}