Is it possible to retrieve profile and length of sweeps inside a family?

Hi I am new to Dynamo here, went through all the tutorials, did the exercises and searched the forums but still don’t know where to start.

Is there a simple ‘data retrieval’ process to get the length and profile of the sweeps of a family from inside a Revit model?

To be more specific, I have a Curtain Panel family that contains many sweeps using profile families. I want to be able to extract the lengths of these sweeps WITHOUT having to use family parameters which was my old method of reading this information. Reason I want to use Dynamo for this is because some of my curtain panel families have like 10+ sweeps/extrusions and all of these need unique reporting length parameters in order to schedule them all (mullions, head, sill, transoms, etc). I know Revit has the sweep length data because I see it in the Properties when I’m creating the sweep, just wondering if there’s a method to extract that data without too much Dynamo voodoo

You can do that using the Revit API (through Dynamo if you want), there is not some OOTB nodes to achieve this in Dynamo directly.
You will have to parse the geometry itself, look for sweep, for it’s profiles and paths, converting units and so on.
It is not a beginner task so, I suggest you if you want to procede with that, start study revit API, it’s SDK and Jeremy Tammik blog.
When you will have a more precise problem, we can help you with that :wink: