Surface.PointAtParameter in adaptative family like surface

Guys, I am making an adaptive family that creates a generic floor model, separated a distance from the walls. the problem is that in this new floor I want to divide it into points to insert other families. Using the code shown, I did not insert the points within the limit of the surface.Anyone knows how to solve this?

There are a few options:

  1. Rebuild the surface as a loft between the 1st and 3rd edges (or 2nd and 4th). This should produce a non-trimmed surface in Dynamo (depending on your Dynamo version).
  2. Get the U value by pulling the 1st and 3rd edge curves, and place a point at parameter on them (you will have to reverse the 3rd curve or use a value of 1-n for that parameter), then draw a line between those two points, and get the V parameter by pulling a point at parameter on this intermediate line.
  3. Offset curve 1 by a percentage of the length of curve 2, and pull a point on that resulting curve.
  4. Draw an isocurve between two points known to be on the surface (ie: a matching point on the 1st and 3rd curve) and find a point along that curve.
  5. Host the additional content in your adaptive family directly - the surface can be turned into a divided surface and new content hosted there by UV values as well (which will be parametric without having to update via Dynamo, but could be slower performing).

Hopefully this gives you some ideas.