Surface pattern hidden faces with dynamo

id like to create a script that override surface pattern on hidden elemnts that would be showed through the hiddenning element

Why would you override hidden elements?

In the image below you can find how you can set this up for not hidden elements. Take a look in the API to add colors and patterns

i need to pattern a hidden face

for example wall starting from a floor
the floor is obque and i cant see that overriden

i know that API - i need more than that

Can you show what you have tried and may illustrate using paint what it is you expect to be seeing?

hidden vs wirframe

And what have you tried so far?

dont know where to start because on wireframe its works great
i dont want to make the cut elements or floors trsnperant like wireframe mode

A good place to start is to check if it is possible to do in Revit. If this is not the case then it cannot be done in Dynamo.

Once you know how to do it in Revit you can use that to identify a possible solution, also showing the forum how you do it in Revit will spark some ideas.

i think it cant be done in revit
i thought about detail pattern on top of those walls with dynamo
and re playing it every time the model is changed

You have to make a view filter (VG) that overrides projection patterns for that wall in a view. That’s how i show walls above the cutplane in a floor

No needs from dynamo

This what you are looking for?

doesn’t work when in hidden mode rather than wirframe that works for me