Has anyone used this node? It’s located under Civil 3D - CivilObjects - Surface. I’m curious about what it does and what it could be used for.

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Hi @keith.sowinski ,

Good question! I haven’t tried this before as well. I did test it now and it looks like this in my graph.
Check it out and it may help you understand this node. I don’t know when will I use this but good to know that it is working.

My opinion, this is similar to subassembly composer link slope to surface. Where you omit the link and just have a point where it intersect a surface.

Sample Test Files:
D4C3D_SurfaceIntersectionPoints.dwg (932.3 KB) D4C3D_SurfaceIntersectionPoints.dyn (41.3 KB)

Sample Graph.



Thanks @JowennLua for the explanation.