Surface from Revit to NURBS Surface on Dynamo

Hi everybody,
for my PhD I need to know if it is possible to use a surface created on Revit as NURBS surface on Dynamo.
My goal is to explore what’s behind the surfaces made on Revit looking through their control points, weights and so on on Dynamo. Is it something possible to do?

Hi @robertoruggeri


Drop rvt file here it will help others who is trying to help you.

Famiglia1.rfa (408 KB)

Here’s the file. It is something very simple because I need to know how to do it :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on the ‘what’s behind the surfaces’ aspect of that? Are you looking for location in space, or exploring the geometry engines?

Hi @JacobSmall, first of all thank you for the question. I am interested in both of them but in particular in extracting control points, weights and coordinates from a surface made in revit

So Revit surfaces aren’t NURBS surfaces they way you’re speaking of them. Revit’s geometry engine is a solid modeler, so the items you select will need to be converted to a NURBS surface. Pushing them back into revit as a live link may prove difficult. Knowing more of what you’re after may help.


Hi @JacobSmall, thank you for your reply.
What I would like to do is a comparison between NURBS modelled on Rhino and NURBS on Revit. I know that Revit is a solid modeler but I didn’t think there wasn’t NURBS beyond it.
So now my question is: what do you mean with solid modeler in terms of mathematics? Do you have any reference regarding the math beyond Revit?

I think you should read the revit api geometry docs -
maybe starting here:

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