Surface divide by UV - Back to basics

I have had different surfaces in which sometimes they get divided like the right one and sometimes like the left one.

Been looking all around but no clear answer, is there any explanation on when a surface decides to be divided like the left and when like the right? (sorry for the poor mouse-sketch)

@hzamaniM54WP did you work this one out? i am having a similar issue where i have a rotated surface but the points seems to be getting arranged across a boundingbox shape instead.

the surface on the left is probably a trimmed surface. The two curve boundaries are trim lines. trimmed surfaces keep the original UV domain

right is a full surface. it may have been created by lofting the two curve edges. Its full domain IS what those red dots describe

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thats quite interesting @visualizor. in the instance on the left, how would we be able to remap the UV domain to the new surface?

Just a guess, but I assume you’d have to recreate the surface. If it’s a flat surface you should be able to easily get the existing surface boundary curves and re-patch a new surface.

if that surface is not easily recreated like @Nick_Boyts said, you may have to ditch UV division and divide manually. Set up some dividers and use intersection or split or the like.