Surface by scattered points


Anyone know how a seemingly random scattering of points can be used to create a surface based on the perimeter of the suggested shape?


When you say “seemingly random”, do you mean that you know the distribution pattern, or just that it’s pseudo-random but not realistically reconstructable?

In case of the former, I’d suggest using the List.Reorder node.
In case of the latter, I’m afraid it’ll require a bit more effort and information about what you’re aiming for. For example, if the shape is planar and convex, you could find the centre point, then for each point get the vector from the centre and use Vector.AngleAboutAxis for sorting (just off the top of my head, may need some more refining). If it’s meant to be concave, though, you may be out of luck, depending on how much additional information you have…

@PlymouthRick See if the definition provided here helps …


Hey @Avz,

The Points are generated through plotting user movements, so not random but not predictable either. The intent is to mark out the territory covered by the user, so while the points are in 3 dimensions, the Z coordinate is removed to give a planar arrangement.

Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah, I will try this later today. Presumably the points at the boundary could be used to create a surface by patch.

Is this for Dynamo 2.0 ?

Yes the above definition is in ver 2.0.
However I’m including one below in ver 1.3
boundry.dyn (6.3 KB) (ver 1.3)


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