Surface by patch (self-intersection problem!)

Following the official tutorials on the page, in this lesson, at 3:29, he’s going through a problem:

<span style=“color: #000000;”>I seem to be having the same self-intersection problem with the patch node, but on more curves than one… and it’s so hard to find a division number that doesn’t result with this problem, is there a proper fix for this yet? </span>

Surface.ByPatch node says “Surface.ByPatch operation failed. Unable to make wire from edge body : WIRE_SELF_INTERSECTS2 – Wire has self-intersection.”
Thanks lots!




Hi Arek,

I’ve been having a similar problem. It’s been a while since you’ve posted this question, I wonder if you’ve solved it.
I’m trying to creat a surface from irregular curves, like you were, and I keep receiving this error from Dynamo:

“Aviso: Surface. Falha na operação ByLoft.
Unable to compute edge from curve : IG_CURVE_SELF_INTERSECTS – Self-intersecting curve.”

This is the surface I’m trying to close:

I wish you can help, thank you!

Not sure about patching a complex curve on different elevation, I’ve experience same error, later found out that you need to sequence each points in order, so it doesn’t cross over each other. See screenshot below:


Hope this helps.

I am getting the same error “Unable to make wire from edge body : WIRE_SELF_INTERSECTS2” while attempting to create a Surface.ByPerimeterPoints or Surface.ByPatch. I verified the list of points I have and none are “crossing each other”. Is there something else to watch out for that may be causing this error?