Geometry won't Intersect with Planes


Hi All, I am hoping someone can point out how stupid I am as quick as possible (my 3yr old daughter can do this at break neck speed). I am working my way through the primer video tutorials as this is all rather new to me. I hit the odd stumbling block, but generally can get a way round. I can’t for the life of me understand why I am unable to replicate the tutorial on placing of adaptive components (double skin vertical curtain wall). Can any one shed some light on why I get the following error - I have replicated the tutorial identically…

Unable to make wire from edge body : WIRE_SELF_INTERSECTS2 – Wire has self-intersection
Geometry.Intersect operation failed.


Change the lacing to Cross Product on the last node


Hi Vikram - thanks for your quick response - this has helped a bit as I now have a list for the first item. The second two polycurves are returning no items in the list and I get the same error…


Flatten the list coming out of Curve.PlaneAtParameter before feeding it to Geometry.Intersect


list has the same structure whether flattened or not…

also, same result - got me stumped!! I’m using the revit file supplied with the tutorial to provide the form/curves…


Created a test file. Works fine.


Thanks Vikram. I can get your script to wirk, but still not the original primer tutorial. It must be a release issue as I am using 8.2 to marry up with R2014. At least there is a workaround hey! Many thanks…