Suppress warnings/errors when running DWF export

Hi, I have cobbled together bits and pieces other people’s work to produce a script which opens multiple models in the background and exports all the sheets within each of those models to DWF. This works really well except for the issue of error dialogue boxes which unless you hit “OK” stalls the whole process. As the aim of this exercise is to be able to hit go and walk away, potentially overnight I need the script to be able to dismiss or suppress these error dialogues automatically. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

The error messages below are the typical messages that stall the process -

Export DWF From Linked Models_2.0.3.8811.dyn (46.2 KB) Tool.ExportDWF_2.0.3.8811.dyf (11.6 KB) 10-01-2020 4-31-18 PM 10-01-2020 4-29-04 PM

Thanks, that worked really well for suppressing the general errors.