Suppress "Save As" with Print PDF node(s)

Hello! Is there a way to automatically save the PDF files rather than have to click “Save” for each one of the sheets as they are printed? I’m currently using the node from Genius Loci (@Alban_de_Chasteigner ) package to create individual sheets and then another Genius Loci node afterwards to merge them all together in a single file.

Also, it appears there might be an issue if the same file name exists in the folder the files are being printed to. Can there be an option to overwrite existing files with the same name? In this example, only one of the sheets (F001) being printed exists in the folder location, but none of the sheets will print.


I’ve found it easiest to fix your first issue in your PDF printer settings. Any decent one will have some options to accept the names pushed by the software instead of asking the user to confirm.

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Hi Justin,

It depends totally from your Virtual PDF Printer.
It is usually possible to disable the “save” pop-up and automatically overwrite the pdfs.

Here are the settings for PDFCreator and Adobe Acrobat to use with the custom node in order to be able to batch print :



Hi everyone!
I hang up to this conversation because I’m also working on a similar script using the node Print PDF (multiple formats) from Genius Loci.
I’m still having problems trying to overwrite existing files; in fact, sometimes I have a list with some sheets with the same name of the existing ones and some with a different one (i.e. current revision updated), but in any case it returns the same error. I’m using PDF Creator and I set everything for Automatic saving and to overwrite existing files.
Could someone helps me if there’s any solution?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pparisi2QW6R,

Welcome to the Dynamo Forum.
Can you show us your PDF Creator Settings ?
It is working fine for me. PDF files are overwritten.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner and thanks for the welcome and all the support.
Sure, here are my PDFCreator settings.

Did you associate the profile with the PDFCreator printer in the “printer” tab?

I have a working print/rename script based on the packages talked about in this thread with PDFCreator.

PDFCreator works great for me.

You can add a new printer in this prompt and add the desired profile, which is what I did.

After creating a printer called PDFCreator Dynamo and setting the correct profile it does not give me a save prompt and adds a suffix to files with an existing filename.

Just tried it out, if I set the profile to overwrite existing files the python script will output an error saying it cant make a file that already exists even though I edited te profile to overwrite files.

I don’t think the problem is with the pdf printer in this instance

That’s exactly the issue; the script and PDFCreator work well as long as there are no sheets to overwrite. In fact, I’m able to print the sheets from the script, but when I try to run it again it doesn’t work and shows me the error in the picture above. It could be solved filtering the sheets by revision, but sometimes could be useful print everything.


Hi @MVE1112 and @pparisi2QW6R,

You’re right. There is no option available in the API to overwrite existing files but it is possible to do it with Python modules.
I will publish an update of the custom node soon.


Many thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner.


The update is available in the Genius Loci package version 2020.10.15.


That’s really fantastic! It works great!