Pdfing sheets from revit

Hello to my dynamo family

I have a question regarding sheets how is it possible to bulk pdf drawings with the sheet name and attributes as for now it pdfs the model name and not sheet numbering system can somebody help me please I pdf many drawings on a regular basis and this process takes ways to long I need to automise so I can spend less time on this

Many thanks guys

Hi @s.rooble,

You can use the Print PDF node in archilab package.

There is also a Print PDF node in Genius Loci package which allow to choose the different names of the PDF files.

Thank you for getting back to me really quickly … is there a previous couple of nodes I need to implement before any guidance?? I havent used dynamo in a while thank you

Please show your try and you will have quick help.
You must collect the sheets, the desired names, and the sheet sizes.

Ok I will get back to you tomorrow morning thank you

These set of nodes covers most features in printing…

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