SunPath Direction Node

I am working through the Computational Logic I video tutorial, using Dynamo (current stable build). This version does not appear to include a SunPath Direction node. Searching the Library for sun path returns no results. Navigating to Revit > Selection, there is no SunPath Direction node. If I open the Computational LogicI.dyn tutorial dataset file, there is a node called SunPath Direction, but it is labeled as Unresolved. Was tCapture_CompLogicI_SunPathDirectionNodehis node dropped from this version?

The SunPath Direction node is still missing in the recently released Dynamo stable build.


Maybe you can use these nodes - SunSetting Nodes

Thanks! That worked.

Hi Assem, I am following the exercise too and suffering the same issue.
could you please paste a clear image if convenient?

Thanks in advance.

The old SunPath Direction node can be replaced with the SunSettings.Current and SunSettings.SunDirection nodes.

cool. it works, Thanks David.