Can't find same node in my dynamo as in tutorial video


My problem is I can’t find same node “sun path” in my dynamo as in tutorial video “Computational Logic Part 1”. I searched “sun path” and there is nothing. I looked for the node as the video shows "Revit>Selection>…"and still couldn’t find it.

My dynamo version is

I’m a novice. Can anyone help?


Try SunSettings.Current and SunSettings.Vector

Is there an update on this? I’m in the same boat on 0.7.5. I only have one SunSettings Node that has a vector output, and thats SunSettings.SunDirection. Seems like this should be taken by the Normal input of Circle.ByCenterPointRadiusNormal, but instead I get this warning:


David, your graph lacks a SunSettings.Current node - have a look at Zach’s screenshot…

You can find that node in the Library under Revit > View >SunSettings.Current. This node will not place if the current view in Revit is of certain types, such as Key Schedules. It should place if a plan view is current.

Thanks all.

I was looking for something like that under elements, but had not looked in views. I was searching sunpath, and so missed it there!