Sum the parameters to Doors with the same TypeMark


First of all I want to excuse my English, and also I am a beginner in Dynamo,

I write to you because I am creating a schedule of doors, in which I have a particular condition, I want to add the widths and heights of each door and panel that share the same TypeMark, because I am creating doors composed of fixed panels and in the schedule I added a value called “Vano” which represents the space that must occupy the door in the wall, what I want is to add the spaces of the fixed panels, I do not know if it is possible, or if I am getting complicated,

Sure you think that because I did not include the panels in the family of doors, but I need the schedule to show me separately the doors and panels as I show in the following image:

I also commented that the fixed panels belong to the category of doors, I also want that adding that value for each Typemark can divide it between the number of doors that have the same Typemark that exist so that I represent the one door and then place that value in a shared parameter called “Vano” that will be in the door and thus be able to represent it in the schedule

I hope you can guide me or give me a better idea of ​​how to do this,

Greetings and thanks in advance