Graphical door schedule with total count and location

Hi guys,
I am total green to Dynamo. Our office requires us to produce a legend door schedule with Revit. However, we meet trouble in count (by type mark) and location automation. We are manually typing value into both the count and location. Is there anyway that Dynamo graph can do the task automation?

This is my attempt but value returns as 0. The thing is I have 5 doors but only 2 are with type mark D1.

I also saw this “black magic” here which is kinda what i needed! Can anyone shade some light on this? Many thanks.


Are you sure that the Parameter Name is correct. When i have emty parameters, i did always an syntex error.

You’re getting a 0 because there’s nothing there. There’s nothing there because you’re pulling a type parameter from an instance. You need to get the family type from the instance first.

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hmm… thank you for the reply guys. I’ll try the suggestions out.