Subtracting boundaries of walls and columns from a floor

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with subtracting wall boundaries (also column boundaries) from a floor when the walls or columns meet/touch a given floor. I want to have a floor which walls and columns places are subtracted. Is there anybody who could help me with?

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Show us your current graph, I guess you already started to work on this. There are multiple ways to achieve what you want.

If you are just looking for inspiration, search for ‘floor outline’ or ‘floor boundary’, a lot of people had similar problems.

Also read this post about how to get help:

For answering your question: A lot of us can help you here, but you have to ask an exact question. Nobody will write a full script for you (for free).


Are you looking for something linke this?

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Thanks so much.