Subregion to Mass

Hi, I want to transform cad lines to mass. I already have script that reads cad lines to topography subregion.
Do someone know how to transform a subregion to a mass, with a specific height?

Maybe I could transform subregion to floor and then transform floor to mass…

i used mass family.

Yeah but I have cad lines and I want to project it to topography and then make that geometry to mass.
I use “curve.project” but it doesn’t work

think easy.

select model element -> than select your cad Import -> element.geometry = curve from CAD

did you solved it? if not show me you dynamo-script and i will help you

This is what I want:

I actualy would like to have random height to mass.
I can transform curves to mass but I cant project it to topography

like this?
geometryfromTopoSubregion.dyn (19.2 KB)

Yeah but when I project the polycurve to topography it becomes a nurbscurve, and I can’t extrude as solid a nurb curve.

here is my script
geometryfromTopoSubregion.dyn (15.7 KB)