Subcategory edit or swap for solids

This is related to editing a family. I am working on a workflow where I need to rename the subcategory that’s already applied for the solid, to a new name. I know it’s possible to create a subcategory but if I create a new subcategory, is there a way to apply it to the solid? Just curious to know if there is a solution possible for this.

Looks like it is doable this way: Re: Rename Subcategories via API - Autodesk Community

Will take some API chops though. Give it a shot and see where you get. :slight_smile:


Got an email notification tagged from here so I’ll add what I know.

I did experiment/search for ways to swap subcategories applied to native geometry in the past, and there appeared to be quite a lot of limitations for geometry that has already been made. There is an old thread here about Clockwork retiring a node that used to be able to do this, but apparently Dynamo lost the ability to deal with subcategories (I assume some API or functionality changed around this time):

Funnily enough this was a question raised by Jacob himself at the time. We’ve come full circle it seems…

See attached my failed experimentation.

experimentation.dyn (20.5 KB)

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