Sub-List Cross Lacing... is it possible?

Hi all!

I was wondering if it´s possible to apply Cross Lacing between sub-lists.

So far I got to here:

What I´d like to achieve is something like this:



Hello! Something like this?

or like this?

I tried to explain it to you in an earlier post:

Hi @Einar_Raknes, thanks very much for your reply.

Please excuse me if this was the same kind of question. I´m still a bit short-sighted and not very familiar with Replication Guides.

What I´m trying to control the lacing type between 2 Lists of Lists.

I want to make sure that Sublist 1 from List A, cross-lace Sublist 1 from List B, only. Then 2 with 2 and so on.

Don’t be sorry, it’s not the same question I just wantet to add the link for reference to my (propaply not so good) explanation.

I’m not sure what you mean by cross-lacing? Do you want to combine the strings?

Did not the second example work?

Hi @Einar_Raknes,

The definition I´m working on checks if a Room is inside the perimeter of an Area. That is why I grouped Rooms and Areas by Level in two separate lists, so now I can perform that action (check if belong) between elements on the same level. Is exactly at this point when I need to control the cross-lacing between sublists.

I´m fixing my definition now, I´ll let you know if it works ASAP.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Hi Pablo,

Are you looking to shorten your list? Since the values are similar you can use “List.UniqueItems” node set lacing to longest.

Hi @Kulkul,

I should´ve tidied up the lists before pasting the image.

This is what I have:

  • On the left, a List of Rooms sorted by Levels (Rooms 1 to 5 on Level 0, Rooms 6 to 9 on Level 1)
  • On the right, a List of Areas sorted by Levels as well (Areas 1 to 3 on Level 0, Areas 4 to 5 on Level 1)

The action I am going to perform next on this dynamo definition is checking whether or not a Room belongs to an Area. That is why I need to perform that action by cross lacing only the Rooms on Level 1 with the Areas on Level 1. (For this I am using Clockwork UV.IsInsidePolygon node by @Andreas_Dieckmann )

For instance, I could Extract the Rooms on Level 1 and the Areas on Level 1 manually, and perform the next action, but what I am really after is to make this process automatically, regardless of the number of levels you might have in a project.

I hope this makes sense.

Have you try looking at "Tools.GetSurroundingElements"custom node. It gives you Room belongs to which Area. Good Luck!

Thanks @kulkul,

I just tried this approach. It would only report elements on 1 level regardless how many you have in your project.

The previous definition is reading a revit file which contains 2 levels, 1 area on each level and 1 room inside each area. Not working as desired yet.

I guess this still require a bit of list management upstream to make it work.


I have the same question: “Sub-list cross lacing among corresponding indices - ONLY”. Is this possible?

I am not uploading an screenshot, since it would be exactly as what Pablo have uploaded with red and green arrows.

A quick description: I have two list of points divided under equal sub-lists, that I want to create cross lacing lines using Line.ByStartPointEndPoint node. By default it picks the first index of List A and cross lace it with all indices of List B and so on. However, I only want cross product of corresponding indices.

Thank you!