Cross Product between 2 lists containing sublists


I’m trying to make a cross product between 2 sublists of 2 différent lists with the same index, here is a screen of the 2 lists containing 6 sublists each.
Thank you for your help!


I think you just need to adjust your levels. See below


Thank you for your reply, what is the node “+” used for?

And how to integrate that to what I want to do, meaning, I want the geometry intersection between the first element of sublist 1 and the elements of the the elements of the sublist 1 of the other list?


+ is just an addition node to show you how your levels should look. If you click the arrows next to the input lists you can check the box to add levels. If you look at the bottom on your list you will see what levels your data is at. You can then change the node to read the data at the correct level.

Keep you same graph just change the levels in Geometry.Intersect


Haha I didn’t knew about this option, you are a genius, it still doesn’t work like I wanted but I think something else is wrong.
I imagine that you adjust the levels like you want? And can you adjust them only for a list and keep the other as list structure?
Thank you a lot!


@kenaan here is more info on List Levels:

Could you clarify more what end result you are looking for? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the topic, which is very interesting.
I’m trying to find for each room, the interior surface area of all the walls surrounding this room.
I don’t know if it’s clear enough.