Stuck in repeating nodes

I’m using Civil3D Dynamo to get an interval for an alignment. If the alignment has a radius of curvature of more than 600m, the interval should be 0.667 and if the alignment is straight or is less than or equal to 600m, it should be 0.625. I want the last item of the range to be the starting point of another and so on. But I have 112 items of these curvature and I don’t want to make a hundred group of nodes shown in blue in the image.

Please help, I’m stuck.

Could you upload the graph or a screenshot with higher quality?
Also a example dwg with correct units and inputs.

Hi @patrick.ericson . My apologies. I meant 0.667 mm and 0.625 mm for a radius of 600 m

Civil3D Template.dwg (3.3 MB)
01 Civil3D Draft.dyn (69.4 KB)

The larger of these two dimensions is drawing two points on your alignment for every grain of sand. It’s something omething like 1.5 million to 1.6 million points per km of alignment, which seems excessive, so I have to ask. Why?

It is based on the technical specification of sleepers where the spacing should be 625 mm for less than or equal to 600 m radius of the alignment and 667mm for greater than 600 m radius. My bad, got a lot of things in my head it got mixed up.

Then it makes sence. It should be m not mm
0.667 m and 0.625 m.

Need to investigate your graph a little bit more but one first insigth is that you shouldn’t use Number node for static value because ut can change decimal location. Use a codeblock instead.